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Global Exchange Christian University, Incorporated, a private nonprofit 501 c 3 univerity has obtained exemption according to the Utah Postsecondary Proprietary School Act, &13-34-105(1)(d) on August 18, 2015, as a religious institution authorized to offer ministerial degrees. GECU is happy to extend an invitation to you for the purpose of obtaining a two year certificate, a 'bona fide" four year Undergraduate Degree, or a two year Masters Degree. Making a decision to attend Global Exchange Christian University, Incorporated will assist you in desiring the Holy Spirit to use you as a vessel for operating the Gifts of the Spirit and sharing Creative Miracles, Supernatural Miracles, Signs and Wonders in these last days.


GECU seeks to include educational programs preparing students to receive an affordable opportunity in ministerial vocations such as Chaplaincy, Christian Counseling, Evangelism, Grief Counselors, Leaders, Christian Mediators, Christian Ministers, Christian Teachers, Missionaries, Negotiators, Pastors, Professionals, and Modified Biblical Greek And Hebrew. Each degree offered will include a "bona fide" religious modifier that immediately precedes, or is included within, the following degrees: a Christian Bachelor of Science Degree, a Christian Master of Science Degree, and Doctor of Biblical/Theological Studies and Leadership . All degrees will be in Biblical and Theological Studies, and Leadership or have a religious modifier describing its delegation. Your chosen religious modifier will appear on the title line of your degree and all transcripts. 


Your degree can be utilized in the following areas: Administration, Armed Forces, Chaplaincy, Christian Counseling, Church Appoinments, Crisis Intervention, Education, Fine Arts, the Fire Department, Government, Health Care, Homeless Shelters, Hospice, Hospitals, Juvenile Justice, Ministries, Music, Nonprofits, Nursing Homes, Police Department, Religious Organizations, Schools, Self Employment, Social Work, The Prison System, Theology, Trauma Issues, and Universities.   


If your annual income is less than $300,000 you qualify for Free Tuition for one of the above mentioned programs. Those who meet the eleven requirements for acceptance into Global Exchange Christian University's ministerial academic program will become candidates to complete and graduate with a bona fide ministerial degree. Completing a degree will allow a student to become eligible to apply for a ministerial license and or ordination.                        


The requirements for acceptance into Global Exchange Christian University are:


1)  Provide your high school diploma (official transcript) or GED certificate;


2)  Provide a picture ID to prove your age and U.S. citizenship;


3)  Provide one letter of recommendation that will tell if you would be a good candidate for ministry.


4)  Pay a non-refundable application fee of $50.00.


5)  Parental involvement is required with an enrolled youth 17 years of age and under.


6)  Each student is expected to give 75 hours per year of hands on ministry.


7)  Each student is required to give one year of service to GECU after completing their four year degree (stipend included).


8)  Each student is expected to send copies of their school transcripts at the time of their enrollment. Offical transcripts and other acceptance material should be delivered no later than 90 days after the student is accepted into the program.


9)  A student accepted into the undergraduate or Master's program may transfer credits from their previous schools. GECU will accept all passing coursework.


10) Transfer credits is not allowed for Doctoral Programs. 


11) Life Experience can be assessed for all Degree Programs for a fee of $25.00 for 10 pages and $50.00 for pages beyond 10. 


Each student is also responsible for their activity fee - $125.00,  registrar fee - $125.00, registration fee is $1,200.00 a semester times two per year which equals $2,400. The total amount of the four year Undergraduate Ministerial degree is $9,850.00. Each eligible student receives an automatic $9,600.oo full scholarship (each student only receives the in-house scholarship amount needed for their coursework) which leaves $250.00 out of pocket fee to be paid by the student each year. All youth and adult applicants are welcomed to apply with the same requirements mentioned above. An adult application fee is $50.00 and a youth application fee (21 and under) is $25.00. The automatic scholarship of $7,200 is available for the graduate programs. The cost of Doctoral programs are $8,200 for three years. The Masters Degree is a $350.00 dollar fee paid by the student each year plus a $50.00 non refundable application fee and Doctoral fees are $550.00 per year plus a $50.00 non refundable application fee. Please note that application fees are only paid once during your program of study (not every year). Once you graduate and decide to do another program offered at GECU,  you are required to pay another non refundable application fee.


Please note that there will be a partial refund after (3) days and no refunds after seven (7) days. If a refund is requested prior to three days, an Administration cost of $50.00 to $100.00 will be subtracted from the total amount paid based on what was transacted prior to the decision to cancel the course.


GECU Classes officially begin on the first Monday in November of each year and end on the last week day in August of each year. Applications are accepted from perspective students at any time during the year (on a rolling basis). Payments can be made on-line at and click on Contact Us to see the PayPal Donate Button on the right side of the page. Click on the PayPal Button and follow the prompts. When mailing payments Please Make Check or Money Order payable to GECU and indicate in the memo section of your check or money order weather the amount is expected to cover the application fee or other fees as listed above. Mail to: Attn: Pastor Diane Hopson, 111 North 3rd Street, Suite 1013, Smithfield, NC 27577. 


Please Note: Late payments will be assessed a late fee of $100 - $150 if full payments are not received within the deadline date which changes annually.  


Upon completion of your degree a student becomes eligible to apply for their license as a Prayer Chaplain and later for ordination in Ministry.


 GECU is thanking you in advance for your willingness to walk in the Supernatural Signs and Wonders. God loves you and GECU loves you. Pastor Diane Hopson, J.D., M.Div., ALM        

For GECU, teaching is more than just imparting knowledge. Our primary goal is to cultivate in our students a life of love for learning, and walking in the love of God daily. Meeting our goal ultimately will train and transform the trajectory of a community, city, state and country in the way they should go....


GECU's mission statement:

  • To improve our students', young and mid career, study habits and social skills while allowing space that transforms independent development
  • To encourage students to set reasonable goals and support them in finding solutions to problems that arise along the way
  • To enable students to develop personal Christian Ethics, Christian Leadership, Character, Influence, Love, Patience, and Positive Habits.
  • To support high school students in their transition to adulthood by offering affordable training through higher learning making a difference in the quality of life for any diverse urban communities.


Global Exchange Christian University

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