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My life has not been the same since I found out that I am made in the image of God and have been given power and authority over the earth. Genesis 1:26 



Global Exchange Christian University, Incorporated: Our Passion Is Educating Families

Global Exchange Christian University, Incorporated, is a private nonprofit 501 c 3 online Christian institution of higher learning with our headquarters located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are not an academic school. The university interacts with students in Chicago, Colorado, Deleware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington and other urban areas in dire need of  crisis intervention, deliverance, health and healing habits, love, meditation, and trauma counseling. Our faculty is dedicated to guiding families and individuals as they grow and develop, putting all individuals seeking a degree on a successful path for life. GECU administers our curriculum to meet the needs of a diverse student body, taking into account the many ways in which the students are developing their hands on outreach and learning skills through course work in Biblical/Theological Studies and Christian Leadership. Upon completion of 66 books of the Bible,  a graduate will be able to operate in the Gifts of the Spirit, by the Grace of God, by displaying the Supernatural, Signs and Wonders in their Character. Each student will receive administrative assistance to obtain sustainable employment on or before the completion of their educational program.


In addition to GECU's ministerial curriculum, students can choose to learn Christian dance, music,  playwriting, film production, basic legal consumer information, Christian business management and ethics. Professor Diane Hopson received training from the Women's Campaign School at Yale University which will allow a separate course to be offered for those Christians interested in running for political office. Mediation training by Professor Hopson was received from the U.S. Attorney General's office, The Atlanta John Marshall Law School, Dallas Baptist University, and Collin County Community College. Professor Hopson also received Negotiation training from Harvard Law School's Program On Negotiation (PON), Harvard University Extension School (HES), and Southern Methodist University (SMU). Her training opens the door for students to receive hands on knowledge in the above mentioned areas of elective coursework. GECU looks forward to hearing from perspective students in the following catagories: Homeless youth and their family members, young adults, disaster victims, domestic violence victims, mid-career candidates, military personnel, pre-release inmates, senior citizens, special needs/disabled, veterans, and potential students seeking a second career.


Please Note: If your income is less than $300,000 you qualify to apply as a future student seeking to obtain free tuition to complete a four year Undergraduate Degree, and or a two year Masters Degree after completing all degree requirements with Global Exchange Christian University. Keep in mind GECU accept applicants on a rolling basis and all passing grades are transferrable. 

Faculty at Global Exchange Christian University, Incorporated, are leaders in the community who share a passion for teaching and creating a supportive learning environment that is challenging, collaborative and engaging. Taking classes online, and participating in a designated satellite chapel location are part of the requirements to complete your academic course work. Becoming knowledgeable about the Grace message and sharing this message with the world around us offers diverse ways of acquiring ministry courses that achieve applicable demonstrations of the Supernatural Signs and Wonders in today's rapidly changing communities-at-large.

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